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Beef Liver - Organic3

Beef Liver Capsules 

120 Capsules

  • Grass-fed, pasture raised beef from New Zealand

  • Full of naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamins and minerals

  • Freeze-dried and unheated so it retains all nutrients

  • Contains no additives or fillers

33,00 €
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Boron™ - Organic3

little-known trace mineral for health maintenance

Elemental boron plays a role of helping integrate calcium into the bone


28,00 €
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GutPro Infant Probiotic -...

Gut Health for Babies

15 g

Based on the amazing GutPro formula but with some small changes to make it suitable for the most sensitive stomachs.

79,90 €
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GutZyme - Organic3

60 Capsules

Digestion and Absorption

The perfect supplement for people who want to maximize their absorption of fats, proteins, minerals and other nutrients.

29,90 €

GutZyme HCl - Organic3

60 Capsules

HCL and Pepsin

GutZyme™ Restore is the original formula that contains HCL & Pepsin. This digestive supplement is ideal for people who are following the GAPS Diet, or are restricting their grains and carbohydrate intake, and are looking not only to restore their HCL levels but want to maximize their absorption of fats, proteins, minerals and other nutrients

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Primal Gut™ Powder -...


Premium Probiotic

Synergistic blend of 13 strains of helpful bacteria containing 20+ billion CFUs per 1/12 rounded teaspoon.

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