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Skin & Personal Care

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Life Extension Toothpaste, 4 oz

Life Extension Toothpaste,...

Life Extension Toothpaste, 4 ozis a supplement/vitamin for you if you are interested in Personal Care, Skin & Personal Care, Oral Care

Magnesium Sulfate Cream
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Magnesium Sulfate Cream-...

Product Form: Cream
Product Class: Topical Creams and Lotions
Primary Use: A topical cosmetic preparation supplying sulfate in a creamy, mild absorbable base.

113 gm/4 oz

CIBDOL Soridol CBD Cream
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CIBDOL Soridol CBD Cream

New Soridol cream by Cibdol supports the skin with CBD, contributing to normal cell growth. This unique liposomal formula is comprised of selected high-quality herbal ingredients, which spur the maturation of keratinocytes without the harshness of chemicals. This improves the skin’s structural and defence systems, restoring the pathological pathways that trigger symptoms of psoriasis.

CIBDOL Aczedol CBD Cream
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CIBDOL Aczedol CBD Cream

Cibdol’s new Aczedol salve utilises the nurturing power of CBD to combat the symptoms of acne. Aczedol’s formula targets the Acne Vulgaris-causing bacteria secreted from sebaceous glands and features the power of liposomes, which allow CBD’s restorative and antibacterial functions to penetrate deep into the skin, where it is needed most.

 Pycnogenol®, 100 mg 60 vegetarian capsules - Life Extension
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Pycnogenol®, 100 mg 60...

60 Vegetarian Capsules

Pycnogenol®, 100 mg 60 vegetarian capsulesis a supplement/vitamin for you if you are interested in Heart Health, Skin Care, Pycnogenol, Blood Pressure & Vascular Support, Eye Health, Herbs & Botanicals, Inflammation Management, Longevity & Wellness, Moisturizers, Special Purpose, Supplements, Antioxidants, Skin & Personal Care

Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin | Life Extension
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Enhanced Sleep without...

Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin | 30 capsules

Support Normal Sleep and Stress Reduction

Bioactive Milk Peptides and Sendara found in Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin can:


  • Support normal sleep patterns
  • Contribute to reduce stress
  • Contribute to maintaining a normal skin complexion


Promotes a good night’s rest and contributes to reducing stress with the ingredients Bioactive Milk Peptides and Sendara®. 

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CIBDOL Zemadol CBD Cream

Zemadol is a class I medical device in the form of a robust cream that’s specially designed to support the recovery of irritated and dry skin due to atopic dermatitis (eczema). What makes Zemadol especially effective is the presence of liposomes.This process allows Zemadol to deliver CBD in its unadulterated form to cells in higher concentrations that metabolise at a slower rate.

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GAL Bovine Collagen...

Most proteins that build up the bodies of mammals are collagen proteins, as our skin, bones, joints, blood vessels, connective tissues and other organs are mostly made up of these. So far 28 types of collagen proteins were identified; however, 90% of collagens that constitute our body belong to a single type, type I collagen. 

Beauty and flexibility 

Recommended consumption: It is best consumed with breakfast and/or before going to bed. You can mix it into any kind of liquid, even into a hot soup. Its taste can be easily masked: a tasty drink can be made by mixing the product into warm water, milk or coconut milk, sweetened, flavored with vanilla. It tastes even better if you add cereals or sliced/blended bananas. A great way to start your day in the morning.