GAL Fish Oil
  • GAL Fish Oil

GAL Fish Oil

Pure and stable, whole-spectrum  Ω3 fatty acid source
In harmony with nature

GAL Fish oil

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The product contains the full gamut of Ω3 fatty acids in their most utilisable, concentrated natural form (in contrast to the form of synthetically transformed ethyl esters) in combination with natural tocopherols (vitamin E). The product is formulated as per the content of natural foodstuff.
Due to its high tocopherol content and the (camphor-free) rosemary extract the product has a high stability, thus it is suitable for the safe intake of high-dose EPA and DHA. It’s stability, the added natural lemon oil and the use of premium quality fish oil give it a gentle and pleasant taste.

Recommended consumption: 1 tablespoon (~10 ml) daily with meals. You can put it on a salad, on toast, or consume as per individual taste.