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GAL Lactoferrin plus, 120 g
  • GAL Lactoferrin plus, 120 g

GAL Lactoferrin plus

GAL Lactoferrin plus

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Lactoferrin is the protein that makes foremilk (colostrum) so valuable. However, colostrum contains many unwanted growth factors (e.g. IGF-1), milk protein, lactose and hormones. However, GAL Lactoferrin plus is free from these substances (although it may contain traces of milk protein). It contains all three lactoferrins naturally present in colostrum, but mostly apo-lactoferrin, the most valuable from them. We have developed this product in cooperation with the professional team of Diet 4 Your Balance™.

Recommendations & Consumption: It completely dissolves in any liquid after about half a minute of stirring. Thus, we recommend its consumption as a drink. In the case of regular usage, take ~2-4 g per day (~1 or 2 teaspoons). In its use as a course of supplementation, take 3 x 4 g per day for 1 or 2 weeks. Caution! It may cause mild Diarrhoea if the dose is greater than 12 g. It should be administered in proportion to body weight for children, calculated by using 60 kg as the mean adult’s weight.