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Our GAL + Baby Waiting product has been developed in the light of the latest research, with a sense of naturalness and vitality. That is, it contains all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements in an ideal form, quantity and proportion, without departing from the way in which they would receive a nutritious, varied diet. All of these active ingredients are naturally occurring, most of them are extracted from organic (organic) herbs and herbs, and they also contain co-factors that are unlikely to be present in these plants in addition to the vitamins / minerals they contain. In the case of the quantities, it was considered important that the daily dose would definitely contain the effective dose, but in no case would it exceed the amount of life, i.e. the amount


Daily dose:  1 piece Lipophilic oil capsule (brown) + 1 pcs Hydrophilic gastric acid resistant, vegan powder capsule (orange) + 5 ml (4.4 g) complementary beverage powder + 30 drops of choline drops 


We recommend taking it from the very beginning of children's design, ideally at least 3 months before conception, until the end of breastfeeding, and even more.

Do not take iron unless we are certified iron deficient, but it is still worth checking again 1-2 months after taking GAL + Baby waiters, because it is not excluded that your level will be ironed, especially if you regularly eat liver and possibly lactoferrine. .

Lipophilic Oil and Hydrophilic Powder Capsules: Take 1 to 1 capsules from two types of capsules, preferably for breakfast or lunch, and not for dinner. They can be taken simultaneously and separately. It rarely occurs, but because of the high vitamin / mineral content of the capsule capsule, any gastro-intestinal discomfort is recommended to be taken immediately before a meal.

Complementary Drink Powder:  To maximize recovery, it is best to consume in multiple portions (eg 5 x 1 ml or 2 x 2.5 ml), but the total daily dose can be collected at the same time. Measuring channel in the box. If taken in 1 or 2 portions, it is recommended at mealtimes or afterwards, while choosing the ideal one for multiple portions can be done at any time. If you are sensitive to the stomach or have little stomach acid, consume in several portions (eg 5 x 1 ml).

Choline drops: We  recommend taking 30 drops a day. It can be collected at once or dispersed throughout the day. With or without food. It can also be dropped into any liquid or food. Because of its strong taste, don't consume it! It is not heat sensitive, so it can be mixed into hot food. Due to its salty taste, we can replace some of the salt with it.

In summary: You can  collect all (capsules + drink powder + drops) at any one of the main meals, but if our digestive system is sensitive and / or we want to get the maximum from the product, then drink it in several parts.

Do not exceed recommended consumption. The product does not replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.