Ther-Biotic Factor 4 - 100% Bifidobacterium Strains, 60 Vegcaps - Klaire Labs

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This product is stored refrigerated and shipped on ice - expedited delivery methods are recommended, especially during the summer months, but are not essential due to the manufacturing process employed by the manufacturer. Studies have proven no loss to potency after 4 weeks in transit and extremely little loss to potency after 5 months. Further information available on request.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Amount Per Capsule    % Daily Value

Probiotic Blend (10+ billion CFUs) in a base of inulin (derived from chicory root)    280 mg    

 Bifidobacterium bifidum    4+ billion CFUs    *

 Bifidobacterium longum    3+ billion CFUs    *

 Bifidobacterium lactis    2+ billion CFUs    *

 Bifidobacterium breve    1+ billion CFUs    *

* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water), InTactic® proprietary polysaccharide complex, and L-leucine.