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Estrogen for Women - Life...

Estrogen for Women | 30 vegetarian tablets

Formula for menopausal discomfort relief

The ingredients in the Estrogen for Women formula can:


  • Help reduce the frequency of hot flashes
  • Block unwanted effects of estrogen and modulate estrogen
  • Help maintain a normal hormonal balance


The Estrogen for Women formula is specifically designed to help reduce menopausal discomforts such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood issues.

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FLORASSIST® Balance - Life...

FLORASSIST® Balance, 30 liquid vegetarian capsules

A potent probiotic where you need it most

  • Provides 6 potent strains of probiotics
  • Utilizes a dual encapsulation technology to deliver live bacterial colonies to your gut
  • Supports and strengthen your immune system

A true innovative formula designed to rebalance gut flora with a proprietary probiotic blend.

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FLORASSIST® Heart Health...

FLORASSIST® Heart Health Probiotic,60 Vegetarian Capsules
Probiotic supplement for heart health
  • Supporta livelli sani di colesterolo
  • Supporta dimensioni sani delle particelle LDL
  • Promuove una risposta infiammatoria sana
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FLORASSIST® Nasal | Life...

FLORASSIST® Nasal | 30 vegetarian capsules

Probiotics for immune balance during seasonal environmental changes

The ingredients in FLORASSIST® Nasal can:

  • Help calm down seasonal immune discomforts (EpiCor®)
  • Help inhibit discomfort in the nose and eyes (L-92®)
  • Supports healthy airways as well as eye- and skin comfort


FLORASSIST® Nasal contains a unique formula containing two strains of probiotics that can help calm immune system reactions to seasonal environmental changes, and help you maintain eye and skin comfort, as well as a comfortable airflow through your nose.

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GAL Omega-3 Eco
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GAL Omega-3 Eco

Our product contains the natural variant of Golden Omega fish oil concentrate.

GAL Omega-3 Eco

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